Web design is responsible for the front-end of all websites we see and use. It is important for any website to have a nice design that effectively presents the content and features of the site, but also be fluid, easy to navigate and use for the visitor. Gone are the days of just putting up any design on static pages. Today, expectations have grown to new levels.  Simplicity, easy, creativity, efficiency and cross-browser / cross-device support are key ingredients in a great design. These are all things we keep in mind and include in all of our client web design work.

Web Design Services:

  • Web Design

    Our web design process includes: gathering company/site information, existing branding, target audience research and more. We then product initial designs that best fits all of the right elements for a great design. Once the design is finalized, we work to convert the design into a fully functional web site design. After a testing phase, the site is published!

  • Website Re-Design

    Web design is ever-changing. New techniques, standards and practices are constantly evolving. We work with clients to update and upgrade their website design by either only recreating what is necessary to modernize, or by re-desinging the entire site.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

    In many cases, a new client will have a website that may be working great for desktop users but be almost impossible for mobile users. In most cases, we are able to re-work certain parts of the website to be mobile friendly, but in some cases we must create a separate mobile version. Either way, our team is here to help you serve your mobile users.

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