Strategy is everything in social marketing. The right strategy can produce massive results, while a no-strategy action chain can be more time wasting than anything, and even have negative impact. We understand that the social sphere is complex and very dynamic. Each community has its own attributes. Each community has preferences and expectations as to what users will view, share, like or criticize. So to deliver the best strategies we can, we go through unique and very thorough process of research and analysis, after which we consult with our clients on their options.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Development:

  • Client Analysis

    We feel it is critical to fully understand our client’s business, style, capabilities, products and services in order to develop successful marketing strategies. Without a full understanding our client’s unique qualities and capabilities, we could only deliver general, unfocused, out-of-the-box strategies just like many of our competitors… and that’s not what we do here. We aim to hit the target – dead-center, or don’t shoot at all. We don’t want to miss!

  • Community Analysis

    With our client analysis data in mind, we work to determine which social media channels would best facilitate distribution of messages and engagement. We also look at competitor activity and content. For each ideal community, we then report: beneficial attributes, competitor activity, and suggestions for content based on community attributes.

  • Strategy Development

    Once our research and analysis complete, we discuss the data in our reports and consult the client with their options. Together we determine the best course of action that fits the client budget, style and capabilities. The result of this process is a strategic social marketing plan custom tailored for the client. The recipe for success!

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