Brand awareness is the #1 objective for social media marketing. When a strategic plan is effectively implemented, each action can generate a significant amount of exposure. Our team does just that. We work with clients to identify ideal social media targets, and then create a plan to hit them. This service typically requires a good amount of team work and co-ordination between our team and the client team in order to create the right content, the right messages, and then utilizing the best distribution channels to deliver.  We aim for the bulls-eye every time!

Social Media Services for Brand Awareness:

  • Content Marketing

    As we all know, there are several different types of social media sites. YouTube for example is video oriented, while Facebook includes a variety of types of content. Each social site has its own attributes, strengths and weaknesses. The users of each site have preferences and expectations beyond the basics of communications and sharing. We work to identify the best sites to target for each campaign, and then work with our client to create the perfect content to be distributed.

  • Social Media Advertising

    While organic tactics of social media marketing are preferred, paid promotions and advertising options include additional tools for targeting that allow us to fine tune our efforts. The majority of clients utilize this option to maximize results, whether for specific offers and events, or to maintain a consistent flow of activity, and some for both.

  • Accounts, Branding and Style

    To be involved in the social sphere, we need accounts and pages. Most clients create these on their own. However, considering that these pages are your hub for engagement, they need to fully represent the brand. This requires a good mix of using the right imagery, wording and posting style… and we work with clients to optimize all of it.

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