Social Media is a powerful communications tool for business and marketing. So much can happen in the blink of an eye, and the effects can be positive or negative. However, without monitoring the activity and analyzing the messages and sentiment, anything can happen and the effects would be a surprise. Sure, in the case that the surprise is positive, that’s great anyway, but if the surprise is negative, it can mean damage that could have been prevented or controlled. We work with our clients to keep an eye on many aspects of social media, and our ears glued to the message pipelines. This allows us to provide informative analysis and reports which can intelligently steer business and marketing efforts.

Social Media Analytics & Reporting:

  • Analysis

    Reading a few messages on Twitter or Facebook can only provide the views expressed by those few. But, when there are thousands over several networks, intelligent tools are required to accurately analyze the sphere. That is what we do.

  • Reporting

    To make the wide range of data readable and understandable, we work to compress it into actionable data. Our reports are easy to understand, provide the data that is needed, and help our clients make informed decisions.

  • Consultations

    Along with our analysis and reporting, we also provide suggestions to our clients that are based on current data. From damage control, to trending keys… we help identify and take action.

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