Using Facebook, Twitter or YouTube as a typical user is one thing… but managing 5, 50, or 100 social media accounts for business marketing is a whole new ballgame! It takes creative thinking, experience, multi-tasking on a whole new level, and powerful tools to monitor, analyze, post, reply and engage on a mass scale. Not all clients have such requirements, but professional social media marketing can be very complicated, so the more tools and experience, the better. Our creative professionals have these qualities, and we use some of the most powerful tools in the industry to manage, monitor, and engage with and on behalf of clients. In social media, being proactive, responsive, and engaging is very important… but intelligence is key.

Social Media Account Management:

  • Full Management

    For clients who do not have in-house staff with social media marketing or management experience, we offer full account management services. We create accounts that have not yet been created, review those that have, and keep an open communication line with the client. We post informational messages and promotions as needed,  and report any issues so that the client can provide a response.

  • Joint Management

    With clients that have staff capable of managing company social media accounts, we offer a joint management solution.  In this case, we develop strategies with management, and then work directly with staff to implement strategic plans, distribute promotions, and encourage engagement. This option allows management to focus on other business matters, and many clients appreciate that.

  • Staff Training

    In some cases, clients have staff that could assume roles, but don’t have the experience to manage company social media accounts. In these cases, we provide training sessions for basic management functions, all the way up to more in-depth skill development. This service is limited in availability due to the time demand. Please contact us to check for availability.

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