Visitor tracking is important to analyze, because the data can provide insights in to user behavior, show what is working and what is not, and much more. It takes some experience and creativity to fully implement very thorough tracking that not only present the basic metrics, but a more in-depth view of user actions, flows, and more. The common practice is to simply put a tracking code in the footer of a website, but we go far beyond that practice, and integrate tracking in many more areas which allow us to provide very detailed web traffic analytics & reporting for our clients.

Web Traffic Analytics & Reporting Services:

  • Tracking Integration

    We integrate visitor tracking in many areas of a client site to track visitor source, visit flow, interactions, and more. This helps us and the client to better understand their visitors, which allows us to make smart improvements.

  • Data Analysis

    We don’t just look at numbers, we analyze all of the traffic data to make informed decisions regarding any needed site, campaign or strategy changes.

  • Integrated Reporting

    Since visitors also become customers beyond of the front-end or sales funnel, we often work with clients using back-end data to provide full-scope view of a visitor to customer path, which we can then determine value, cost of acquisition, and more.

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