Paid search marketing offers the ability to get in front of target visitors very quickly. With the right ads and keywords, a PPC campaign can provide great traffic, with controls, and with measurable data.  However, a poorly created campaign can drain a budget very fast, and even produce less than ideal visitors. We take each clients campaigns seriously, and do all the necessary legwork to ensure that we create the best ads, keyword lists, and tracking to produce great results.

Paid Search Marketing Services:

  • Keyword List Building

    The process of keyword list building is very important. Every keyword we add to a list has a good reason to be there. And once a list is active, we monitor and tweak to optimize results.

  • Advertisements / Copy

    The keywords are used to define the target viewer, but the ad is what sells the visitor to take action. We work hard to provide creative ads that convert impressions into clicks, and constantly monitor performance, too.

  • Funnels / Conversion Optimization

    Half the battle is getting visitors to the landing page, and the other half is converting them into sales or leads. We have a lot of experience in creating sales funnels, landing page optimization, and traffic control.

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