Affiliates are one of the most powerful tools in sales, especially online. A large base of affiliates can produce a heavy stream of sales, and with the right programs and offers, can produce a large amount of revenue – and profit. Affiliate networks are great because they provide access to a very large number of affiliates. The also provide tools that allow us to present programs, make connections, power the linking, provide stats, and manage the affiliate base. So, for clients that have products or services that are suited for affiliate programs, we definitely introduce the option, and work with them to create and manage a successful affiliate program.

Affiliate Network Marketing Services:

  • Program Developement

    We work with clients to develop their affiliate programs to be sure that they’re properly created to be successful. Since the most valuable affiliates know what they want and need from programs, we make sure that our clients have the right ingredients to appeal to the right affiliates.

  • Program Marketing

    Once we have a great affiliate program in place for the client, we then look at our large list of affiliate networks to introduce the ideal networks to target, then assist with introducing the programs to the networks.

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