Email subscriber lists are constantly changing. Whether they grow, change, or become a mess over time, they require proper list management. We’ve worked with many lists of all types. Internal, promotional, management and more. A list typically changes over time, by adding fields, removing fields, merging data, importing and exporting. Many of these changes often create what we call “dirty data” lists. With the proper list management efforts, most changes can be done without creating a mess.

List Management Services:

  • Database Development

    We work with clients to develop custom databases that are well-thought-out and designed to provide detailed data. From working with many lists and datasets, we have a good understanding of the kind of data each list should have. Our team will then create custom databases to efficiently store data, which will also be easy to query.

  • Custom SQL Queries

    When specific data exports are needed in specific formats for reports, research or analytics, our team can create custom queries to obtain the desired data directly from client databases.

  • Data Migration / Mergers

    Often times clients have subscribers on multiple lists and wish to merge their subscribers, or would like to create separate lists for groups of subscribers, we can certainly help.

  • Email Appending

    Many clients wish they had more data… perhaps data that should have been on the initial list but wasn’t. Data like phone, email, address, and more. We work with clients to append the data they want when it is available. By using reliable data sources, we can obtain most data clients ask for.

  • Data Cleansing

    We like to normalize data. It should be done prior to insert, but when it’s not, we prefer to clean it. This includes: “de-duping” (removing duplicates), finding and removing worthless data, or formatting the data. In these cases we create specific pattern matching filters to process each row of data, resulting in a consistent dataset. For example, we can make sure all first and last names are written in proper letter case: John Doe VS JOHN DOE or john doe. Another example would be to split a whole address value into individual fields, such as: 12345 N street, phoenix, az 85000 into Street:12345 N Street, City:Phoenix, State:AZ, Postal:85000

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