Our team does email integrations well. We’ve helped many clients by developing custom solutions to integrate with existing systems. Our email platform is very powerful and very flexible as well. Unlike many other email service providers, we do not force our clients to redirect their web users to our sites in order to subscribe, but rather dynamically on site whenever possible. We typically write small front and back end code kits that are as plug and play as possible, making use of custom APIs we develop. Our clients find these services very convenient, and of course it makes integration very simple.

Custom Email Integration Services:

  • Custom API Development

    We develop a custom API layer for just about every client. We do so to make integrating the email platform as simple as possible. Each layer is unique to the client and is customized for their needs. Whether we need to handle unique data, validate custom fields, output specific messages, or insert data to multiple databases or lists… we have our clients covered.

  • Custom Forms

    From standard name and email opt-in to long multiple section forms, our team works with clients to create the exact forms they need. Each form is styled to fit right in, and in most cases is plug-n-play with all the client side code ready to perform. When forms are submitted, the values are processed dynamically in the background, and the user is notified of any errors or success which can also redirect to a thank you page. Options are virtually endless!


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