Managing email campaigns takes quite a bit of time and effort, and our clients have better things to do. At Focus, we offer complete campaign management services which are always highly geared for results. When we manage lists and campaigns, we work with our clients to create the perfect strategy before any send, otherwise, we would be just as unfocused as many other agencies who just click send.

Campaign Management Services:

  • Strategic Development

    From landing pages to social integrations, we work with clients to maximize results by creating tiered call-to-action goals. We want results… whether it’s the primary, secondary or another action, we simply want conversions and results. We work hard to deliver on our client’s goals for revenue and brand awareness. And we do so by tying together opt-in forms with autoresponders, which are focused on actions that lead to results.


  • Email / Template Design

    We work hard to create fast, beautiful and most importantly, focused emails and templates for our clients. Our typical client will ask for 1-2 company templates, an internal template, and several variations for promotional messages. Our designs are created to render properly across as many email clients as possible. In fact, we’ve created our own testing tools with a whole checklist so that we can provide the best consistency whether on desktop or mobile. Read more information about our Email Template Design services.

  • Email Delivery / Processing

    The delivery of email messages is absolutely critical. It takes a certain level of knowledge and resources to properly handle sends, bounces, loops, and complaints. It is a complex atmosphere and must be done right. We only provide in-house delivery for clients that do not pose a high risk of spam complaints to the network which may affect our deliver-ability. For other clients, we run campaigns using reliable third party services such as AWeber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and others.

  • Reporting / Analytics

    In most cases, the only way to fully understand the effectiveness of email marketing efforts is to look at the data. Once properly setup, we can obtain a lot of information, such as: views, opens, what was clicked and how many times, their behavior and actions on landing pages, conversions and more. After a send and action period, we collect the data and generate insightful reports for our clients, which is on top of real-time data.

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