We love data, and so do our clients. Most or all of our email marketing efforts include email analytics and reporting features to gather insightful data. Using the data helps to improve future communications, identifies weak content or calls to action, and also highlights successful elements. Our email platform automatically tags and tracks most image loads and all link clicks,  however, we usually take things further by adding values that can be passed in links to then track activity beyond the email itself. We do our best to be flexible in metrics and accommodate our client’s needs as much as possible, even creating custom solutions when needed.

Email Analytics & Reporting Services:

  • Expanded Data Collection

    When clients need custom data, our team will develop and integrate custom tracking methods which are stored separately for the client. These methods include custom tracking metrics for on-site activity, off-site activity, social activity, mobile activity and more. All of this additional data is stored in custom database tables for each client.

  • Custom Data Integration

    Some clients have their own existing data and would like to integrate into our reporting. When we receive additional data, we merge the data with any data we’ve collected and then create custom queries to obtain values we need to report with answers for our client’s questions.

  • Custom Reporting

    The email platform automatically generates much of the reporting automatically. This data is usually enough for many clients, but when more is needed, we provide custom reports that include custom data and/or present existing data in other formats as desired.


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